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7 noviembre, 2019

Full gas against child leukemia with Suzuki Ecstar

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 Thanks to our friends at Suzuki Ecstar we will have an extraordinary chance to live a once in a lifetime experience in Cheste during the Valencia GP (15-17 november). Several kids that are battling with cancer or are bone marrow trasplant survivors will serve as  journalists for a day on our monthly radio show aired in Radio MARCA. As reporters, they will interview Alex Rins and Joan Mir in the Suzuki Ecstar Motorhome. The show will be broadcast on Radio Pelona, a radio show run by kid cancer survivors, that is organised by organized by  the Unoentrecienmil Foundation. Many international sport stars have already participated in Radio Pelona, among them basketball players Pau and Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio or the Hernangómez brothers;  the athtlete Chema Martínez; skeleton pilot Ander Mirambell; Rally Dakar pilot Cristina Gutiérrez; soccer striker Álvaro Morata and many others. At Unoentrecienmil, our goal is to raise money for leukemia research. We have alredy invested more than 700.000€ and we will end 2019 with more than 1 million € invested in different research programs. Our dream is that sometime soon doctors will be able to say: “don’t worry, its just leukemia” and that it will be cured as easily as the flu. But in order to reach this goal we have to keep raising funds for research. Thanks to Suzuki Ecstar we are sure that we will take a big step forward toword our goal. Several kids battling cancer will have a chance to live an unforgettable experience and we will raffle in our Instagram two VIP tickets for the weekend (legal). We are also confident that we will raise funds thanks to an auction with special dedicated memorablia and by giving the Suzuki Ecstar international fans the opportunity to donate directly by Bank account transfer (ES61 1491 0001 2820 3050 4126). There is no doubt that together we are stronger. Our heartfelt thanks to Suzuki Ecstar for going full gas against child leukemia.]]>



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